by Angella Jacob

February 23, 2011

In the void where thought has yet formed, where the imagination calls home, it is here that the unseen landscapes, the unborn characters, and the closed doors remain, waiting to be pulled into creation.

As I was pondering the outcome of my next short story, and considered what my main character would endure, face and conquer, I began thinking of where she exists. I created her, of course, from my imagination. She is fictional, with the qualities and faults that I gave her. I created her green eyes, her dirty blonde hair, and her plump built. What I didn't create, is her existence. Not yet. I began to think about how this character lived only in a few pages of text, thus far. She is caught in a form of imaginary limbo in a world that doesn't exist....or perhaps it does exist.

Is the mind a place, a plane of existence formed of itself? Can imagination be considered as an intangible space where each of us are continually creating beings or things that are yet to be that are trapped in suspended time? Do these characters and things, inventions and ideas, suddenly disappear from that space of imagination as we create and bring them to life into our world? There is really no way of knowing this, however improbable it may seem, none of us really actually know what imagination is formed of, or how far it extends beyond the confines of our own understanding. What we do know, what I know, is that the characters, the landscapes, the scenery and the feelings that I create in my stories are made up of my real and conscious thoughts.

It is with this train of thought that I forge ahead with my writing, not wanting to leave a character in limbo for too long a time, in the back of my mind, trapped somewhere in my imagination. I want to bring them to life, even if only for a short while. I want them to live, breathe, and feel the range of emotions that I entrust onto them. In turn their emotions become part of your life, dear reader, and perhaps, for even just a moment, that intangible space where all of imagination lives, suddenly becomes real, as you feel the emotions through the characters' journey.

It is to stir emotion, to sift through the rawness of the human soul and spirit that I create. When this is achieved, when a reader can say they left their surroundings and went on a trip to another world only by reading my words....then one of my life long goals has been achieved.

Find out what happens to Norah in the third short story release on this website in the following weeks. If you join this site as a member you will be notified via email as soon as the story is posted.

Thank you for reading, and for your continued support,

Angella Jacob