Unleash your Creativity

by Angella Jacob

March 7, 2011

Any person that hones a craft that requires them to use their imagination and creativity as a tool will tell you that there are days when the creative energy is stuck within the mind, constricted and trapped. The ideas flash by, hour after hour, day after day, maybe even months pass by before the idea is released. Writers' block, lack of motivation, no sources of inspiration and similar phrases are used to ultimately describe the build up of ideas trapped within. These ideas are trapped because they are kept hidden away in a corner of the mind, unreleased, they accumulate until the creative energy gathered up does not know in which direction to take flight.

I won't proclaim to be any kind of expert on creativity. I can, however, offer to those who wish to explore their own power of creativity, some of the methods that I have used to release the creative build up and in turn allow for the flowing of ideas and subsequently breath life into them.


The Five Senses
As humans we experience our lives through the senses our bodies have been designed to operate with, and then use our minds to perceive and shape our reality. By exposing ourselves to all kinds of new and varying experiences, our five senses are awakened and our minds invigorated. Look for opportunities to see, hear, smell, taste and feel new things. Of course you may prefer one thing over another, but just take the time to try something new once in a while. It might bring forth new sensations and emotions to rise out of you and onto your creative project. A few examples of things to try: Listen to a new style of music for a day.....Go walking in nature, choose a new trail and make sure all your senses are receptive to it's environment...Basically, anything that is new to you and to your senses. Remember, if your physical muscles are always exposed to the same exercises and movements, after a while, it will stop getting stronger and remain as it is. It needs to be pushed further, out of it's comfort zone, new exercises integrated into the workout to keep it growing. The same can be said for the mind. Going out of your comfort zone and trying new things and experiences is an exercise for the mind.


Share your thoughts
It isn't always easy to share our thoughts with others, mostly when it comes to our own creative pursuits. Fear of rejection and criticism are often what stops us from opening ourselves to the rest of the world. It has been my experience that taking the time to simply connect with like-minded individuals and converse with other creative people, has brought about a flood of new thoughts and ideas. It is important to share with those who have creative vision and energy within. Joining a club or an association that is related to the craft you pursue is one way of meeting people that are like-minded. Sharing on discussion boards online is another good method, mostly for those who may not feel comfortable with social interaction in person. If you have acquaintances that have a creative bone, invite them for coffee or lunch. The reasoning behind this is that you need to have people that can relate to your creative needs and you can relate to theirs. These people can become your closest allies and support when you are finding yourself struggling with procrastination or lack of ideas. Sharing my thoughts with other creative people has brought me much more than sulking and worrying about my struggles ever would have. It's given me the feeling of acceptance, normalcy and belief in my own skills.


Transfer the idea
Everyone today is occupied with the activities and responsibilities that we pile onto our lives. Few are the people who are taking the slow lane. In all this hustle and rush, for the creative person, a new idea flashes in a thought, oftentimes gets stored in the mind and added to the “Later” list. You know the list, the one that we tell ourselves we will get around to once this other thing is done, or when you have more time, or when someone asks you to work on it. I am sure if you were to count all those items on the “Later” list that lives only in the mind, you could count on one hand the ones that were brought to fruition. Take the time to write down, in as few or as many words that you want, the ideas that flash in your mind, or sketch the drawing briefly, or simply write down the thought. Jotting down the ideas you have, releasing them as soon as you have them, and transferring them out of you and onto paper, will prevent the buildup of ideas in your mind, and prevent the lack of flow of your creative energy. Gather all these idea-notes in the same place. I only recently started doing this, following a friends' suggestion, and I find that the only struggle I have is choosing which idea from the list I will work on next...Get a shoe box and store your ideas, you won't regret it!


Most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!
The simplest concept, but often the hardest to apply, is to know in your heart, without a doubt, that your creativity exists for a reason. The world carries a massive range of unique people with differing abilities and skills. Trust that if your creativity lives in you, it is there for a reason. Perhaps creating is something that you want to keep to yourself, to pursue it as a hobby and nothing more. Perhaps you want to create to share with the whole world and leave a legacy behind, a mark of your own life left for others to be inspired.


Either way, believe in yourself enough to take the time to explore that side of you. It may very well be the holy grail of your own life, the happiness you seek that is patiently waiting for you within your own mind.

Angella Jacob